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Monsoon Must Haves from Richfeel: Skin care and Hair care guide

Posted by Sneha Rane on

Monsoons are a bliss. But your hair and skin might not experience the same if you don’t take care of them. Rainy season calls for a very rigid skin care and hair care routine which when followed will give you beautiful skin and hair! Following are some skin care and hair care products from Richfeel which are a must have this monsoon:

1) RichFeel Aloe Vera Shampoo

A good hair cleanser which is also mild on the tresses is a must for monsoons when your scalp turns greasy because of the humid climate. Richfeel’s aloevera shampoo is perfect for all hair types and it’s mild formula is perfect for hair that needs nutrition. 3 cheers for the Aloe goodness! ! 

Buy it here - Richfeel Aloevera Shmapoo

2) RichFeel Quinoa Hair Repair Serum

No matter how healthy your hair looks, monsoons have the tendency to make your luscious hair fall flat and turn frizzy after a wash! All you need is a light weight serum that is absorbed quickly and leaves hair bouncy! 

BUY IT HERE- Richfeel Quinoa Hair Repair Serum

3) Richfeel Bramhi Hair Pack for Nourish Moisturize & Conditioning Hair

It’s easy to ignore this important step in hair care routine during the monsoons! But that’s a mistake. No matter what the season is, your hair will always thank you for a little nourishment that comes with hair packs. On bad hair days, Richfeel’s brahmi hair pack is your savior! 

BUY IT HERE- Richfeel Brahmi Hair Pack

4) RichFeel Cucumber Face Wash for Oily Skin & Dirt Removal

Rain water is not always clean. It consists of dust and pollution particles and that is definitely now what your skin wants. Richfeel cucumber is an excellent skin cleanser which effectively cleanses blocked pores and refreshes the skin. 

BUY IT HERE- Richfeel Cucumber Face Wash

5) RichFeel Skin Logix Whitening Balancing Day Cream SPF

It’s a relief to bid goodbye to the summer season. But we often forget, the sun is still there! Using a sunscreen is always recommended be it summer, winter or rainy season. And what better than a day cream that gives you a lighter complexion along with sun protection? Richfeel skin logix whitening balancing day cream is a must have. 

BUY IT HERE- Richfeel Skin Logix Whitening Balancing Day Cream SPF


Sneha Rane

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